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Direct Payment Payroll Service User FAQs

Q: Wages paid - wrong hours

A: Contact PayPartners. We may have misinterpreted your instructions. We can correct any mistakes and resend your payslips and paperwork.

Q: Wages paid - too much tax and or National Insurance

A: Contact PayPartners. We will be able to advise on corrective/next course of action.

Q: Employee Tax code query

A: Initially contact PayPartners to see if we are aware of any changes. Ultimately contact HMRC who will speak with your employee directly. We are unable to call HMRC on your or your employee's behalf.

Q: Employee is sick

A: Contact PayPartners. We will tell you what you need to send to us, and advise if sick pay is due.

Q: Employee is on holiday or asking about holiday entitlements

A: Contact PayPartners. Your contract pack will contain details of holidays and recording requirements. When your employee is on holiday and requires holiday pay, you will need to let us know when you contact us with your employees hours. We will show holiday pay as a separate line on the pay slip.

Q: I have not received my payslips or payroll information

A: Contact PayPartners. We will advise if your payroll has been processed and if paper work has been sent. We can arrange for duplicate paperwork to be sent.

Q: My employee has left

A: Contact PayPartners. We will need details of any outstanding hours, holiday pay to be paid and their leaving date so we can prepare form P45.

Q: No money to pay employees

A: Contact your Direct Payments team.

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