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Payroll Processing Services for SMEs

You’re in control whilst PayPartners do the hard stuff

You collate your payroll data (starters, leavers, changes, overtime etc.) & forward to PayPartners.
PayPartners processes the instructions & completes the payroll run. You then review & add further changes if required.
Once approved PayPartners will distribute payslips, net payments & reports.
Job done!

Quick, reliable & efficient turnaround

PayPartners pride ourselves on turning a payroll round within 2 working days. We recommend you submit your payroll data to us for processing at least 6 days before your payday. This gives enough time for 2 days of input & payroll processing, 1 day for checking & changes, 3 days for the BACS cycle. If you are using faster payments through your business bank account you can potentially shave a further 2 days off this schedule to just 4 days before you need to pay your employees.

We use brand leading payroll software

PayPartners chooses specialist brand leading payroll software from market leaders here in the UK. Fully supported, this ensures that our service to you is always up to date and compliant for the UK market. Choosing the very best specialist payroll software is key to providing you with an accurate and compliant payroll service. PayPartners won’t compromise on software quality or payroll delivery.

Payroll changes up to the wire & beyond

Most payroll bureau require your payroll instructions to be with them many days in advance of your pay day. Any changes required once the payroll has been completed can prove expensive. PayPartners can be very flexible. We will allow changes up to the day before you need to send your net payments. So, you CAN capture those late new starters or last-minute leavers in real time. Did you forget a bonus? PayPartners can add this on post payroll run and let you know the additional net pay due.

myepaywindow portal for document exchange & payslip delivery

Linked into the payroll software is the exceptional myepaywindow portal product to allow employer document exchange for payroll information, plus an employee portal area for receipt of payslips, P60’s & P45’s when they leave you. Data is encrypted during transmission ensuring high level security & GDPR compliance.

Monthly payroll – any payday (other frequencies are available!)

PayPartners accommodates a whole range of paydays & pay frequencies. We know every business is different. Paying your employees on time and accurately is critical. If you want to be guided by us, paying monthly at the end of the month is the most popular. But then again, some employers pay monthly in the middle of the month. You tell us.

Accredited BACS bureau for net payment & third-party transfer

If you have a BACS SUN sponsored by your business bank, PayPartners can send the payroll net payments directly to your employee’s bank accounts or payments to third parties such as HMRC on your behalf. Audited on a triennial basis we have consistently achieved high scores in all areas of processes, systems and compliance.

Not using BACS processing? No problem. We can extract a net payment list in the correct format for your business bank software to enable you to upload your own employee net payments. You won’t need to rekey any values thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

Statutory Calculations for Sick/Maternity/Paternity

You forward the documents received from your employees to PayPartners. We will calculate any payments due for payroll and process them on the correct payment run. We will send any required EPS to enable you to make the appropriate reclaim from HMRC.

Wide range of reports in many formats

You need payroll reports? We’ve got plenty! Plus use of a report designer for anything more bespoke. Essentially, if the data is held on the payroll then we can likely extract it for you. Available in word, excel or pdf, we can upload your reports to your employer portal account for swift and secure delivery. Password required? No problem, we can set all this up with your chosen safe word.

Fast & efficient payslip delivery

Take the strain out of payslip delivery. PayPartners are using the myepaywindow portal linked to the payroll software and employee payslips are delivered on the day you choose. Employees are notified by e-mail that there is a new payslip to view. Payslips are all saved in the same place. They can be printed or downloaded as required, or simply left on the portal in safe storage.

Range of online documents for download

We’re adding to our website resource area. We currently have a new starter form and an existing employee changes form, plus an excel workbook to help prompt with the payroll changes you need to tell us about. We’re digitising our most popular forms so they can be completed online.

CIPP qualified staff

PayPartners have been onboard with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals since 1998. Our employee owners are all proud to have completed at least the basic level of payroll training and qualification with the CIPP. Having full membership gives us access to all the headlining payroll news and legislative changes, payroll updates and conferences, plus the specialist helpdesk for those even trickier payroll questions.

Payrolling benefits v P11d filing

Benefits in kind such as healthcare and company cars can be particularly hard to get right and comply with. Let us help you. Increasingly popular is the concept of payrolling benefits. This straightforward process makes it possible for your employees to pay the tax due on the benefit as part of the payroll run thereby negating the need for the laborious P11d process. However, we can help with creation and filing of P11d’s if this is required.

Accredited to ISO 9001 quality standard

PayPartners works hard to ensure our operational processes are clear, relevant and up to date. Audited on an annual basis we consistently score high and achieve our goals. We continually improve our employee owners, our systems and our processes to ensure we can deliver the standard of payroll and service you need & expect.

Payroll Year End and P60’s

PayPartners deals with all the RTI filing throughout the year to ensure a simple & smooth Year End process. P60’s are delivered to your employees myepaywindow portal account so they have full track of their documents. No more asking you for copies!

Full Disaster plan and overnight offsite backups

Written into our quality processes since inception, PayPartners has always believed that your payroll is so vital that we must ensure its continuity if all else fails. We have a fully tried and tested disaster recovery process should such an event occur. We can be up and running again within 6 hours giving you the piece of mind you deserve.

Personal service

Building relationships is important in business. We work within small teams, encouraging familiarity with your payroll and removing the concern of being exposed to resource issues. You’ll work with a dedicated employee owner for your payroll processing.