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Case Study - Direct Payment Payroll for Service Users


The service user is awarded a care package by the local council. A personal assistant is employed to assist with personal care, shopping & cleaning. With no previous experience of being an employer, the service user was worried about paying the personal assistant and dealing with the tax authorities.


PayPartners will talk through procedures of becoming a new employer for HMRC purposes & employee purposes (tax forms, holidays etc). The service user's mind is put at ease and is told not to worry as PayPartners will take care of HMRC registration, and set up PA details in preparation for payroll. PayPartners process payroll and send payslip payment report and payroll analysis. Service user makes payment of wages to PA and hands payslip to PA. PayPartners keep note of the HMRC deductions and advise service user of payover at quarter end.

The service user keeps a record of PA hours worked each week and contacts PayPartners at the end of the pay period (every 4 weeks) for the payroll run. Service user emails or telephones in the hours (24 hour availability via message service).


Using PayPartners payroll service allows you to get on with planning your care without the worry of calculating wages for your PA. There is no need to worry about HMRC or filing on line as PayPartners take care of all this for you.

PayPartners are wholly focussed on providing a reliable and quality payroll service. Peace of mind.

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