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Personal Health Budget Payroll

In line with the government agenda on personalisation and self directed support which allocates people with funding to manage their own care, PayPartners specialises in providing bespoke services for those people who require assistance in managing payments and all payroll related matters.

The Process

Funds are either allocated directly to the individual, who then engages with PayPartners to manage all payments or...

The local council provider will allocate the funds to PayPartners who manage the draw down of funds and make payments for care and support as directed. This is appropriate where customers do not wish to control their funds via a personal bank account.

In both cases all payroll related activities are fully managed by PayPartners.

  • Production of pay slips for carers
  • Facilitate payments of both wages and other outgoings
  • File all returns to the Inland Revenue and liaise with them on all matters
  • Deal with all other related administration and paperwork
  • Provide easily understood documentation for customer use
  • Provide the local council all management information that may be required

All PayPartners staff are fully qualified with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and as such qualified to offer additional professional advice and help. Such qualifications require continuing professional development which is essential to our service levels measured by an ongoing process of customer evaluation.

For further information or to apply for a setup pack please contact PayPartners on 0800 515 620

0800 515 620
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