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Payroll for Business Processing Calendar

Typical Input requirements for Business Payrolls

PayDayBACS Submission
(2 days before payday)
Process DaysInput Deadline to PayPartners
15th of the month13th10th to 12th9th
20th of the month18th15th to 17th14th
25th of the month23rd20th to 22nd19th
26th of the month24th21st to 23rd20th
28th of the month26th22nd to 25th21st
31st of the month29th26th to 28th25th
Last WednesdayLast MondayPenultimate Weds to FriPenultimate Tues
Last FridayLast WednesdayPenultimate Thur to TuesPenultimate Mon

*For all dates, please note that weekends and Bank Holidays will impact on submission and processing dates.

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