Why should I outsource my payroll?

Save money... We already have the infrastructure in place to handle payroll complexities. We have made and continue to make the necessary investment to stay on top of new legislation and technology, and the benefits of our expertise and efficiency are passed on to you.

Guarantee accurate and timely payroll... We understand how important payroll is to your business. It needs to be on time every time to maintain the trust and productivity of your employees. This is why we have invested in the latest hardware and software and spread it across many sites, allowing us to deal with potentially any situation. In the unlikely occurance of an unforeseen problem, such as a power cut, our systems keep on running.

Keep up-to-date with rapidly changing legislation... We employ IPP qualified personnel with a minimum 2 years' experience. These personnel use one of the leading commercial payroll software packages. They keep up with legislation because it is their profession.

Is your company suited to outsourced payroll?

What is Personal Health Budgets / Direct Payment Payroll?

The government agenda on personalisation and self-directed support allocates people with funding to manage their own care. In line with this agenda, PayPartners specialises in providing bespoke services for people who employ carers, family members or friends as part of their support. PayPartners offers assistance in managing payments and all payroll related matters.

Funds are either allocated directly to the individual, who then engages with PayPartners to manage all payments or...

The local council provider will allocate the funds to PayPartners who manage the draw down of funds and make payments for care and support as directed. This is appropriate where customers do not wish to control their funds via a personal bank account.

Standard Account Managed Account Self Directed Account